Course Overview

Duration of the program: 2 working days

Number of participants: 6 (Maximum per group)

Language of Instruction: English (translators can be arranged to other languages)

Trainers: Barıs Ata, Associate Professor, MD, Engin Turkgeldi, MD,



  • To learn the basic principles of ultrasound
  • To identify the pelvic anatomical landmarks and grasp ‘the normal’
  • To be able to evaluate the uterus and its pathologies using 2D and 3D ultrasound along with saline infusion sonography
  • To understand the role of ultrasound evaluation of infertility and its treatment
  • Assessment of common benign adnexal pathologies
  • To learn about the ultrasonographic findings that imply malignancy
  • To build confidence by performing hands-on ultrasonographic examinations


This 2-day course is aimed for clinicians who wish to develop a solid understanding of gynecological ultrasound. Starting with the basics of ultrasound and ultrasonograghic landmarks of pelvic anatomy, the participants will gradually be introduced to ultrasonographic findings in benign and malign gynecological conditions and infertility. During the course, more advanced imaging techniques such as saline infusion sonography and 3D ultrasonography will also be explained and demonstrated. Theoretical lectures will be held in the mornings. The participants will attend to ultrasound exams in the afternoon and will have the chance to perform some examinations themselves in the afternoons.