Shomal hospital in an area of 5,500 square meters, located on the Boulevard modarres Established in 2014.

The hospital has five centers of Excellence in the following Institutes: Health units, Support, Informatics, Financial, Human resources management and Research & Developments. The hospital has 150 beds including NICU 6 beds, POST CCU 8 beds, 13 beds for orthopedic, 6 beds, 6 beds for urology, Ophthalmology, Neurology, psychiatry, infectious diseases, cardiac surgery and vascular surgery, each with 4 beds, dermatology, burns, nuclear medicine, ear, urology, nose and throat each 2 beds, 5 beds surgical neurology, imaging, laboratory and hospital pharmacies and are based on an action plan was launched to gradually active and acute inpatient units.

Shomal hospital is one of the best hospital among the private hospitals employing high-tech medical devices and facilities.The hospital has restaurants, cafe, Phones and Free High Speed Internet Access Facilities for visitors exclusive parking lot, bank, suburban and with the history of holding national and international medical conferences,
Possibility for patients to bath in private rooms.