Course Overview

Duration of the program:  The total duration of the program is 3 days (24 hours). 16 hours theoretical and 8 hours’ clinical observation will be done. Clinical observations will be conducted in inpatient and outpatient units at the medical oncology and radiation oncology clinics of Koç University Hospital and VKV American Hospital.

Number of participants:  Nurses working with cancer patients. (Maximum number: 20)

Language of Instruction: English (translators can be arranged to other languages)

Trainers: Multidisciplinary educators of this program are oncology nurses, as well as other team members (physician, nutritionist, pharmacist, psychiatry nurse) from Koç University Hospital, VKV American Hospital and Koc University School of Nursing.

Aim of the Course  

The purpose of the course is to enable nurses to gain the knowledge on diagnosis, treatment and care in the field of oncology and to make observations at the multidisciplinary oncology center.


Participant who has successfully completed this program:

Knows the importance, roles and responsibilities of oncology nurse.

Describes chemotherapy application protocols and methods.

Can plan and perform the care of the patient and his / her family or friends.

Gains awareness of symptom management and oncologic emergencies.

Plans the care of the patient and his or her family in need of end-of-life care.

Can communicate effectively and therapeutically with patients and family.


  • Interactive lectures
  • Question and answer
  • Case studies
  • Demonstration
  • Clinical observation