KOC Healthcare is a nonprofit multispecialty academic medical institute that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education. KOC Healthcare has three US-based hospitals with offering the most comprehensive care with innovative method and up to date technology, located in Istanbul, Turkey. Algorithms and methods utilized both in healthcare services and the buildings at North American standards reflecting some of the first examples in Turkey, Europe and USA.

Irmedic Health Tourism agency as a representative of KOC Health Care facilitates taking medical services at these hospitals. We play as bridge between those people that need high quality medical procedures and qualified medical providers in KOC Health Care hospitals.

KOC Healthcare has pioneered many medical breakthroughs, including:

  • Turkey’s first nursing school. (1920)
  • First complete blood transfusion in a baby in Turkey. (1949)
  • First hospital in Turkey with an emergency generator. (1965)
  • Turkey’s first renal dialysis unit. (1966)
  • Turkey’s first computerized hospital system.  (1977)
  • Turkey’s first group therapy unit for alcoholic. (1982)
  • Turkey’s first outpatient operation. (1983)
  • Turkey’s first operating center for outpatients.  (1987)
  • Turkey’s first private infertility education center. (1995)
  • Turkey’s first brain surgery, surgery with microelectrode to treat movement disorders.  (1996)
  • Turkey’s first non-surgical aortal valve replacement. (2009)
  • Turkey’s first robotic thoracic surgery. (2010)