Iranian clinic, with more than 10-year experience, is one of the most modern clinics in Iran. It offers specialized services in skin care, hair care, laser, and weight loss.
The clinic offers its services through the most up to date facilities and technologies according to FDA standards. It is noteworthy that the clinic has received quality certificate from world famous companies including LPG in France, GP in Italy, STORZ in Switzerland, and BRERRA in Italy.
Clinic Services:
Hair Transplantation including FIT, FUT and combined methods
weight loss surgery (Gastric sleeve, Gastric balloon, Bypass surgery)
Laser treatments,
lipolysis treatment,
PRP Rejuvenation,
Gel and fat injections,
Hair Removal Laser,
Botox Injection,
Aesthetic Surgery (Nose, Eyelid, Abdominal, Breast …),
Obviation of Scar, Acne, burn spot on skin,
Shock Wave,
Body LPG,
RF Slimming,
Electro Magnetic Therapy,
N-Lite Laser,
Rejuvenation with IPL, RF Fractal,
CO2 Fractal,
Skin Care,
Face LPG,
Q Switch,
Gel injection,
Fat injection,
Foot Care,
Mole removal,
Facial mesotheraph,
Hair mesotheraphy,
Face lift,
Breast augmentation,