Course Overview

Duration of the program: 2 working days

Number of participants: 15 (Minimum per group)

Language of Instruction: English (translators can be arranged to other languages)

Trainers: Bulent Urman, Professor, MD, Barıs Ata, Associate Professor, MD, Engin Turkgeldi, MD,


This 2-day course is aimed for gynecologists who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in hysteroscopy and perform hysteroscopy procedures confidently.

The participants will be introduced to the basics of hysteroscopy, properties of the instrument and its peripherals. Experts will share their tips and tricks for better hysteroscopy practice. Then the participants will be guided through a variety of cases ranging from septum incision to myomectomy.

Theoretical lectures will be held in the mornings. The participants will observe live hysteroscopy operations in the operating room in the afternoon and will have the chance to hold interactive case discussions.


  1. To learn the basic principles of hysteroscopy
  2. To master the properties of the hysteroscopy, its peripherals and the operating theatre setting
  3. To be able to choose the right tools for the right indication
  4. To acquire theoretical and practical information that will help the participants to perform basic hysteroscopy procedures confidently
  5. To learn about the possible complications, their prevention and management


Theoretical lecture

Educational operation videos

A visit to the operating theatre to observe the devices and the setting

Clinical observation during hysteroscopy operations

Interactive case discussions