The Gamma Knife is a brain surgery without the knife. Gamma Knife is used for treatment of malignant and nonmalignant tumors, as well as vascular and functional disorders in the brain. The procedure is unique because, with the Gamma Knife, no surgical incision is performed to expose the target. Gamma Knife radiosurgery is able to accurately focus many beams of gamma radiation (201 beams of low level radiation) on one or more tumors and they disappear, shrink or stop growing without harming surrounding healthy tissue. Most treatment with Gamma Knife are delivered in a single session and the patient can return home the same day. The patient and clinical team can communicate at any time during a Gamma Knife procedure.

Dr. Selçuk Peker is one of the renowned doctor who is the leader in his field and radiation therapy using Gamma Knife with more than 9,000 patient experiences in 19 years. He mostly works on Gamma Knife radiosurgery, pain surgery, movement disorders surgery. Dr. Peker worked as a Neurosurgical Expert in different hospitals in Ankara, Alanya and Istanbul, and he has been working at Koç University Hospital since 2016.