About Us

IR Medic Health Tourism Facilitator is an affiliate of Kooleh Travels, one of Iranian leading Tour Operators and Destination Management Companies, rendering the best Tourism and Hospitality Services in Iran.

Iran is well equipped with latest technologies on Health care and the cost and waiting time for services is much more reasonable rather than other countries. So, we take the chance in this department, to care about rendering the best solutions for Medical treatments in Iran. With the links we have with professional Doctors, high-quality Hospitals and Clinics, we do our best to offer safe choices for our clients to receive proper services here in Iran.

Other Services:

In our incoming tour Department, we serve passengers with various services as:

  • Accommodation
  • Guide and Translator services
  • Transportation
  • Visa
  • Daily city tours
  • Excursions to Religious and cultural cities of Iran
  • And lots of other services as clients may ask for